Aaron Schock: victim of just another “politically motivated ambush”.

Aaron Schock was a rising republican powerhouse. He was the youngest member of congress. An unbeatable fundraiser. A Men’s Health Magazine cover star. He was destined for an admirable career in politics.

At least until an Illinois District Attorney and the Washington Post set about ruining his reputation with false indictments.


Micah Morrison investigated the story for Judicial Watch:

The indictment, reported the Post, “alleged that the former congressman from Peoria, Ill., reimbursed himself for 150,000 miles he never drove, bought a new 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe for his exclusive use with campaign committee funds, and reimbursed himself with congressional funds for camera equipment purchased for himself and his personal photographer. It alleges that Schock used government and campaign money to take a private plane with a group to Chicago for a Bears football game, and remodeled his Illinois apartment and Capitol Hill office — paying those who did the thousands of dollars’ worth of work at least in part from government and campaign funds.”

The total tab for the misdeeds: $100,000


All of this was a result of a smear campaign spun around some perfectly natural and innocent transactional mistakes…


But something more sinister was at work as well, Terwilliger [Schock’s Lawyer] suggested. This was a case of prosecutorial misconduct and government overreach. “Criminalizing a handful of administrative mistakes, a few of the thousands of transactions from Aaron’s 6 years in office, to charge Mr. Schock two days after a national election has all the appearances of a politically calculated ambush,” Terwilliger said.


In fact, the charges were all dropped.


After the judge and the lead prosecutor were forced to drop the case after allegations of misconduct, Schock’s name was cleared. But the damage to his reputation is irreparable.

This is yet another case of a corrupt judicial system ruining the careers, and the lives, of anyone they see as a threat.

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