Is The American Justice System Completely Corrupt?

The "What If" Question for the White House

Is it now the DOJ vs the people? Are people being persecuted and prosecuted based on their political views? Has our Justice System been politicized so badly that the law only applies to those who aren’t part of the establishment DNC and media? These are all valid questions that many conservatives find themselves asking. The way the FBI & DOJ have acted in recent years certainly makes one at least wonder, if not conclude this.

American Thinker has put out an interesting article that includes former federal prosecutor, and whistleblower, Sidney Powell. Ms. Powell declares that our federal prosecutors are “out of control” and “will do anything to get a conviction”. She’s brought a wide range of allegations against the Justice Department:

• False charges brought by overzealous prosecutor Andrew Weissmann (Robert Mueller’s right-hand man) in the case against leading accounting firm Arthur Andersen. Although the conviction was subsequently reversed unanimously by the Supreme Court, Andersen was completely destroyed, its 85,000 employees lost their jobs, and the assets of untold investors were wiped out. Weissmann was promoted by the DoJ.

• Destruction of the lives of four Merrill Lynch executives. Before they could appeal their fake convictions, they were sent to prison with the toughest criminals in the country. “They did the worst things they could possibly do to these men,” says Powell. The defendants were eventually exonerated on appeal, but it was only after one of them served eight months in solitary confinement.

• Frequent failure by the DoJ to disclose evidence favorable to defendants as required by law.

There are plenty more allegations in the article.

It sure looks like Mueller’s team is orchestrating a silent coup to remove a democratically elected President from office.

Mueller coerces witnesses to “compose” evidence capable of bringing down the president. General Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Jerome Corsi, and others refused to compose and were charged with perjury.

Let’s hope acting AG Whitaker and new Attorney General, William Barr, will bring some integrity to the department and put a stop to this witch hunt. If not, America as we knew it, will never be the same and justice will never again be equal.


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  2. The US justice system has been corrupt for decades. The current system operates under “Uniform commercial code” (contract law) We need to return to common law

    Yes. Totally! Corrupt!!! Many of us have seen “crisis acting events” in public forums. They have often been dissected after the event and explained to some degree. Questions, for example, abound over Sandy Hook and other major media events. Today, we call it fake news. During the Kennedy Assassination “cover-up” it was called Conspiracy Theory. If you claimed to have seen a UFO, you were a “nut”.

    In 2008, this question was asked in a poll: Fill in this statement. “The Government lies to us about ………. .” 35% of people polled answered “EVERYTHING”. Today, a short 10 years later, about 96%
    say “EVERYTHING”.

    Yes the US Courts are totally corrupt from corrupt proceedure all the way to the jury process and “crisis acting” programs taking place and supported by “FAKE NEWS”.

  4. the federal judiciary is not governed by the Uniform Commercial Code. The Uniform Commercial Code has been adopted by 49 of the 50 states and, as the name suggests, governs certain commercial transactions between private individuals or entities.

    The UCC has not been adopted by the United States Congress. it has nothing to do with the operation of the federal judiciary.

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