Justice Department abuses: the mudslinging against Barr has to stop

Justice Department - AG Barr

While the main focus of the Mueller report has been on it’s exoneration of President Trump, this is not the main point. There are still the abuses of the Justice Department to contend with.

The fact remains that the so-called “Steele Dossier” was never legal in the first place. The Mueller report was little more than a smear job and it’s time to hold those responsible accountable.

Liberal members of Congress and their media allies are furious with Attorney General William Barr because he blew up the Mueller report smear job before it was out of the box. The Mueller team wanted to drop its 448-page bomb on the American people, who then would have had to sort through the innuendo and fake legal analysis without context. To his great credit, the attorney general imposed necessary discipline on the release, explaining to Congress and the American people in stark terms that there was no collusion and no obstruction. For this truth-telling, he faces impeachment threats, not plaudits, from the Democratic-media swamp.

Judicial Watch

President Trump agrees, it’s time something be done:



When will the liberal politicians and their cronies in the media accept defeat?

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