Of course there’s an ethics issue in Washington, when will the real problem-makers be dealt with?

With all the needy attention seeking of a teenage girl after her first big break-up, Michael Cohen sat before congress to air some dirty laundry. When are the people in charge going to address the fact that much of it was his own?

Cohen admitted that he was the one colluding – not with Russia, but with the Democrats:

“We spoke with Chairman [Elijah] Cummings and the [Democratic] Party,” Trump’s former lawyer confessed to Representative Jody Hice (R-Ga.). “We spoke with Chairman [Adam] Schiff and his people as well.”

Cohen flatly stated that he’d been coached by Schiff prior to the hearing, not that it mattered. While the left-loving media speculates and boasts about all the ways they’re going to continue these egregious attacks on our President, Cohen and Schiff are seemingly going to get off scot free.

House Republicans also suspect that Schiff and his staff have disclosed other classified or unauthorized information to the press in “serious violation of committee and House rules,” wrote Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) in December 2017.

When will the dems and backstabbers be held accountable for their unethical behavior?

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  1. How can it be that so many of the corrupt Socialist Democrat Establishment Elite are “Above the Law”?
    Why aren’t they all in jail?

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