Border security: our President wants to protect us, Congress wants to stand in his way.

Border security veto has been issued / Credit: Shutterstock

The issue of border security led to the first Presidential veto on Friday. President Trump joined with law enforcement and victim’s families to reiterate his promise to protect American citizens.

Last Thursday Senate Democrats (and 15 Republican defectors) approved a joint resolution to block the President’s power to declare a national emergency to fund the border wall. As a result, the President fought back:

“Congress has the freedom to pass this resolution,” Trump said, “and I have the duty to veto it.”

Newsmax reports that Congress is taking it a step further. They are now moving to rewrite the National Emergencies Act entirely.

“It’s an institutional issue, it’s a congressional authorities issue. We have the power of the purse,” Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, told The Hill. “Under the National Emergencies Act, there was too much latitude that was given away … and we need to pull that back some and let it be used for legitimate national security purposes.”

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It sounds like more Democrat rhetoric to us. They just want to cover up their underhanded attempts to undermine the President.  Trump is making every effort to get the help he needs to fulfill his campaign promises. They will stop at nothing to stand in his way.

Trump wants to use the emergency order to divert billions of federal dollars earmarked for defense spending toward the southern border wall. It still faces several legal challenges from Democratic state attorneys general and environmental groups who argue the emergency declaration was unconstitutional.

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Dems will not accept their obvious defeat on Border security.


We do concede that a change in the law could be beneficial in many ways. It could prevent a national emergency on gun control or climate change. However, the timing cannot be overlooked. Mueller’s witch hunt is going nowhere, Trump is polling as well as ever, the budget is headed in the right direction…

They just can’t accept that our President is giving the people exactly what they want and couldn’t care less about playing their games.

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